5 Reasons Why Event Management is Important in Tourism

The management of events can be initiated on both the local and global level. Wikipedia explains “event management” as management activities to create and organize festivals, conventions, meetings and other large-scale events. However, the area of events is much broader including dates, parties, sports events, meetings, concerts, charity events, conferences and many other types of people’s communication.
Tourism is not a part of event management. It’s a set of activities related to traveling and learning new places, food, traditions, experiences, and people, of course. Currently, the notion of tourism has no limits, because traditional tourism expunged its borders and plunged into learning the world. Now, tourism can be divided into various types of goals such as ordinary traveling, hiking, shopping tourism, sightseeing, spa tourism, food traveling, extreme tourism and many other options. Although event management and tourism are different notions, it should be mentioned that they are closely aligned with each other. Actually, regardless of the type of tourism you choose, event management will accompany it within the entire period of activity.

The Place of Event Management in the Tourism

Events act as important motivators for tourism. Every year numerous tourists are attracted by various kinds of events throughout a huge variety of destinations around the globe. In short, the development of tourism in a particular destination is directly concerned with the development of event management. For example, nobody will be interested in visiting a distant island or city, unless some appealing tourism events are arranged at this place. If you look at the destinations that gained popularity in recent times, you’ll find out that the flow of tourists to this place began after the successful event management. Therefore, it’s the trigger to attract visitors and travelers to a particular destination.

Some destinations are visited by tourists only for a special event, for example, to organize a meditation retreat. This relates to annual concerts and festivals when thousands of people head off to a social event like pilgrims. All of you know about Film Festival in Cannes or Bestival in the UK. Every year such social events are the main attraction for tourists.

Why Event Management is Important in Tourism

We’ve already detailed the importance of event management in tourism. Now, let’s talk about the significance of tourism in event management. These two notions are interrelated activities, while tourism is mostly dependent on effective management of events. Let’s introduce one clear example. Niagara Falls is a popular and prominent place to visit. However, the main flow of tourists started as soon as the event managers had begun to arrange tours and cruises across the basin of Niagara River. These activities have led to the development of other entertainments around this destination. Keep in mind that everything has begun, with a simple event.

Events trigger a boost of tourism

This is the major reason why the role of event management in tourism is so important. Tourists and travelers need to understand why they should visit a particular destination. Therefore, event tourism comes to the rescue. What is event tourism? It can be compared with a small stream that turns into a large river when supported by other streams. Regardless of the activities you offer, e.g. organizing incentive trips, they will definitely attract more customers to your destination.

Events in tourism promote customer loyalty

Tourism event management promotes the loyalty of regular customers. Just imagine that your favorite destination for vacation offers some events which you have not experienced before. For this reason, the customers would prefer to remain loyal to the resort or place they usually visit rather than searching for other options.

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