The Growing Preference for Sports Tourism

Vacations are no longer limited to sun, sea, and hill top resorts. Rather, the new generation tourists are more inclined towards active vacationing, which is why sports tourism seems to be gaining so much of attention and popularity. Seen by governments as a major boost to the nation’s economy, sports tourism stands at a value of $1 trillion in the global travel and tourism industry.

Though at present the passive sports tourism industry is witnessing higher growth, sport tourists are gradually experimenting with active sport tourism as well. Even in countries like Fiji, Brazil, Africa, and South Korea, the sports tourism industry is flourishing at a rapid pace. The top five trends in the global sports tourism market as identified by industry experts at Technavio are :

 Spike in number of sports events

Never before have sports witnessed such a humongous growth in its fan base. With sporting events like the Olympics, UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon Tennis, Cricket World Cup, FIFA World Cup, and Super Bowl gaining immense popularity, the number of sport tourists have all seen a sharp rise. For sport events like the National Football League, or even the Super Bowl, the viewer base crosses millions. Due to this trend, it has become easier to get sponsors for various games and generate revenue from every nook and corner of the world.

 Better spending capacity of the masses

Some ten years back, tourism especially sports tourism was seen as a luxury which only a few could afford. It goes unsaid that sports tourism, like many other forms of tourism is an expensive affair. But, as the spend capability of the masses is improving, the takers of sports tourism are also increasing. Not only in developed countries, but the developing economies too are experiencing very low volatility in the area of per capita disposable income. The result is high-end products are more affordable, making it easier for the masses to be a part of the business at the global level.

 Emergence of technologies like sports analytics

Technology has a lot to do with the popularity of sport tourism. Especially tools like sports analytics which streamlines the entire work process by bringing all the stakeholders in the sporting community on a common platform, play a critical role in boosting the popularity of a particular sport. To excel in sports analytics, a large number of individuals travel from place to place, witness sporting events, and analyze different teams, and managers on a minute level.

 Preference for an active lifestyle

With a surge in the number of lifestyle related health issues, there has been a growing preference for living an active life. Already the hectic work schedules make it rather difficult for people to make up for minimal physical activities. This is why the newer generation prefers to vacation in places which enable them to be more physically active. With double-income families, it has gotten rather easy to go for such choices as well.

 Low travelling costs

Travelling throughout the globe has become lot more easier than it used to be. Launch of several low-cost airlines makes it easier for sport tourists to explore almost all the sporting destinations in the world.

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